John Han

Meet The Team!

Min Young Lee

James Xu

John Han (Me)

Project Inspiration

After a grilling 10 week UX design bootcamp from BrainStation, my fellow UX colleges and I, have decided to keep productivity up; and begin a design challenge. This is a 1 week design project that focuses our abilities to analyze current designs, communicate ideas, and evolve an existing design solution for the future. 

How it began

We had first began sifting through various apps we had experience with at a coffee shop. We had several discussions on popular apps at the time, such as the Olympic news, apps we had enjoyed using, and apps that had been downright embarrassing. At the end of the day, we had landed on our goal to ‘redesign for the embarrassing’.

GreenP - Toronto Parking Authority

The app we had decided to redesign had been the Toronto based parking app, GreenP. The application functions with the user first creating an account, finding a parking lot, inputting a 3 digit location ID, and finalizing their payment method. 

Heuristic Evaluation



Redesign Comparison

Screen Overview

UI Library


As an aspiring UX/UI designer obsessed with Google software, and Samsung hardware; this had been my first attempt at an iOS design. Throughout a personal challenge of designing for mobile outside of Material Design, this had been an enjoyable learning experience of personal growth. Working with close friends outside of class at the time, this had been an honest design experience which allowed me to work in a mixture of casual, mature, and unfiltered work environment. 

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