John Han

December 2017

UI Design, Iterations, ReDesign

Redesign 2017

After taking the UX Design course at BrainStation in the Fall of 2017, and learning about Material Design, I've redesigned my first mobile design from 2016. 

Here is a quick recap about the project, and my new UX/UI design iterations!

The Problem

Throughout the masses of available restaurants nearby, citizens are having a hard time deciding on new restaurants to try. 

  • There are too many options!
  • Is the place good?
  • Picking a place takes too long!
  • I don't know what I want!

The Solution

The Third Eye will aggregate information from existing food review based services, and deliver an overview of their strengths and weaknesses




Design inspirations, and hi-fidelity revision direction

Hi-Fidelity Screens

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

Using Format